School Board

Joel Niemeyer, President
Term Expires: 2019
District: 2


Joel Niemeyer lives on an acreage near Zearing Iowa. He is married to Pam Niemeyer and they have five children, Brandon, Bryce, McKenzie, Jadyn, and Colton, who all attend Colo-Nesco. Joel and his family have lived in this school district now for 14 years. Joel is a Log Buyer/Forester for Bohlke Veneer Company. He helps coach youth sports such as flag football and baseball. He enjoyed helping with 4H activities, helping his children show livestock, fishing, and camping. This is Joel’s fifth year on the Colo-Nesco School Board

Jon Cutler, Vice President
Term Expires: 2019
District: 2


Jon is a 1990 graduate of Colo-Nesco. He and his wife, Sandy, have three sons in the CN District: Steven, Sean and Kenny. Jon has been active on the Colo Recreation Board for 9 years and has coached t-ball and baseball. He is employed by Almaco in Nevada and also farms.

Levi Bappe, Director
Term Expires: 2019
District: 2

John Fuller, Director
Term Expires: 2017
District: At Large


My wife Katherine and I were married and moved to Colo in 1979. In 1984 after the birth of our first 2 children, we moved to Zearing. Our children started in the Colo-NESCO district about the time it became “official” and since then all 4 of our children have become graduates of Colo-NESCO.  During this time Kathy has worked at the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown and after finishing graduate school at Iowa State University, I have worked for Metabolic Technologies in Ames. While Kathy spent her life in the central Iowa area, I was born in Des Moines, lived in Marshalltown a couple of years, grew up and went through public school in Massachusetts (where most of my family still resides), and then moved back to Iowa in 1973 after graduating from Foxborough High School in Massachusetts. Over the years I have served the community and our youth in many capacities: serving in various offices in our church supporting youth programs; served on the Riverside Bible Camp Board of Directors; served in many capacities with the Boy Scouts including Cubmaster; and have coached youth in Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Volleyball.  I am entering my tenth year on the board and I believe our youth are our future and that we all need to invest time and effort to make sure they succeed.  I believe in public education as the foundation of this country, and that a strong public educational system prepares our youth for successful and productive lives as adults.
Brad Kohlwes, Director
Term Expires: 2019
District: 1


Brad and his wife Amy have lived in the Colo-Nesco district since 1998. They have a daughter, Callie who attends CN. Brad has been in the trucking business all of his life and is the Vice President of Heavy Haul for Argee Transport in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2011, he began his first term as a Colo-Nesco School Board Member. He is a volunteer firefighter in Colo and is a graduate of Iowa State University. In his free time he and his family enjoy racing standardbred horses.

Kelly Hendrick, Director
Term Expires: 2017
District: 2


I was raised in Melbourne, Iowa and attended all four of the school buildings in the West Marshall district – graduating from the high school in State Center. Shortly after graduation, I married Gary and moved to McCallsburg where we were blessed to work for amazing landlords prior to farming on our own.

I am a graduate of Marshalltown Community College and began my working career at Donnelley Marketing’s Human Resource office in Nevada. I have a varied work background – including a stint as High School Secretary at Colo-Nesco, and a working partner on the farm. I presently work at Gilbert Community Schools as District Administrative Assistant in the Superintendent’s office and am a Mary Kay Consultant.

We are surrogate parents to my younger brother and sister (she is a NESCO graduate) and parents to Gannon (a CN graduate and former school board member). We have a wonderful daughter-in-law, Heidi, and she and Gannon currently live in Maxwell.

In my downtime, I swim twice a week and love to walk outdoors, but anyone who knows me at all, knows I most love reading!

I look forward to my term on the CN School Board and plan to be the best listener I can be for all the patrons of the district and make sure that we do all we can to prepare our students for life out in the real world.

The Colo-Nesco School District welcomes your interested and invites you to attend our school board meetings. Our board officers have the leadership, vision, dedication and are entrusted with one of the most important responsibilities that can be assigned to a citizen: ensuring that our students in our district reach high levels of educational achievement.

A primary focus of the Board of Education has been and is to create an academically challenging and healthy environment for the children attending Colo-Nesco.

An official meeting is the only means by which we, as a board, can carry out our legal duties or exercise our legal powers. These meetings provide an opportunity for creative and constructive decision-making and offer an opportunity for the public and school district staff to establish a formal dialogue with us.

The Iowa constitution requires the Legislature to provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of free public schools. In response to this constitutional mandate, local school districts, governed by boards of education, have been established. The School Board has complete and final control over local school matters within limits set by laws and regulations. Our Board of Education is a policy-making body whose decisions are carried out by district administrators. The Board functions as a whole, and its authority lies within the will of its majority. No Board member has the power to act independently.

Colo-Nesco has a seven member board who are elected to a four-year term by district voters. Elections are held every two years on the second Tuesday in September. Board members receive no pay for their services. Thank you to all of the past, present and future officers who are committed to serving our district and it’s students.