Senior Spotlight

Time has gone by so fast, I can’t believe Katrina is a senior already.

Katrina was involved in volleyball during her 8th grade year. She really enjoyed it. Volleyball is a very fun sport, and it teaches teamwork and communication and is a great social activity. Her interests are: drawing, writing, reading, painting, and learning different languages. Some of the languages that she has started learning are Spanish, French and Thai. But she reads French more than she speaks it. Also Spanish and Thai grammar are pretty much the same.

Katrina’s favorite high school memory was freshmen prom because at that young age she didn’t think that she would be able to go to prom, but her friend took her to it. Before they took off, they all did their hair and makeup and ate snacks while dancing around. While she was there, she spent time with her sister and friends. She loved dancing and spending time with them. Later that night she went to After Prom and there were a bunch of games. Later on they ended up at their friend’s house and played DnD. That night they all slept over.

Her favorite class would be Art because she gets to be creative and express herself in her own way. This class make her feels relief. The arts change the learning experience and change the learning environment. When taught well, art provides a real learning experience to their minds and bodies. The learning experience is real and meaningful for the participants. But her favorite teacher would be Ms. Robinson because she was funny and so kind. She said “She is also very beautiful and has a wonderful smile!”.

Katrina is a 17 years old girl that has a dream to be a Vet Technician or a Psych major. Because she loves animals and helping people. She wanted to do this job since she was a very young, She feels sad when she sees other people or animals get hurt. She knows that this job is not easy to get to. She knows that she has to study more than her friends in the college. She plans on moving to Newton with her boyfriend of two years (so far) and going to DMACC.

Quote for yearbook- “Everytime I see the word “explain” on a test, a part of me dies.” – Relatable Post #1660

Spotlight by Alissa Ruamthawee

Kasey Buseman has been in two schools in her high school career, she attended Ankeny freshman and sophomore year then moved and came to Colo-NESCO high school to finish her junior and senior years.

While in highschool she did not get involved in any activities. Since she wasn’t involved in any activities she had a lot of time on her hands. With all this time she did have some things that she loved to do. She loved to listen to music while playing with makeup, playing with the twins that her family adopted, and she also likes to read. These are some things that she liked to do in her free time.

In high school her favorite classes where Creative Writing and English 11. In Creative Writing, she loved being able to free write what she wanted, but the only thing she didn’t like was when she had to share her stories. She liked English 11 because she liked to read, but when the time came to give book talks, she didn’t want to but knew she had to so she could get a good grade and pass the class. Her favorite teacher in highschool was Mrs. Engelken, she liked her because she was so nice and sweet and also funny.

Kasey’s favorite memory wasn’t at school but was still during the school year. The memory was when she got put in the hospital. She was sad that she was in the hospital, but it was still awesome in the end. The day she was leaving as she was heading out of her room, her best friend was down the hall waiting for her, and as soon as they locked eyes, they dropped everything, ran to each other, and hugged and cried with joy to see her best friend. As Kasey ends her high school career, she has some advice for underclassmen she said, “Stick it out even if you’re in a dark place because in the end, you’re going to graduate and it will all be over. And the friends you have in high school might not stay friends with you when high school is over.”

Kasey’s plan after high school is to attend La James International College in Johnston, Iowa to major in cosmetology. If this doesn’t work out, she would like to become a psychologist.

Spotlight by Cassidy Clair

Tony is a very rare individual that really likes to express himself in the things that he likes.

Tony’s activities and interests are just what fits him. Tony has been involved in band and choir. Tony thought that the idea of being able to learn how to play an instrument was very cool, and he knew he had to stick with it throughout high school. “I loved the idea of learning how to play an instrument, and still remember playing a couple of test notes on all the instruments. Eventually I settled on the baritone.” says Tony.

As Tony’s favorite class is indecisive, his subject is definitely not. He loves science! Tony has always enjoyed how the things in our everyday world work, and he feels that science has always achieved that for him.Tony really appreciates both Mr Frohwein and Mrs. Heller for trying to answer all of the questions that he may ask them, and sometimes end up stumping them on what he is curious about. Tony also enjoys being able to understand everything that Frohwein talks about in class because he feels that he has learned so much about science

Tony’s favorite memory was making a 11-½ foot paper airplane. As you may be able to guess, it was for a science project. Tony felt that it was a very cool accomplishment and a very long building process.

Future plans are very bright for this science-lover. Tony feels that business degree would be his best choice, but other possible options are becoming anywhere from a geneticist to a teacher. Cerka feels that he could get anywhere he wants to with a business degree and be able to continue where he likes with his mind.

“Nice try, FBI”

-Tony Cerka

Spotlight by Jacob Clatt

Colo-NESCO’s class of 2018 is group of smart and creative individuals and Connor Clark certainly fits the bill.

It’s been a long and stressful twelve years for Connor Clark, but in the end it’s all worth it.

Connor can’t wait to go out in the real world, but in the time being while still in highschool some of Connor’s favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and playing football with his friends.

Aside from Connor’s favorite activities, his most memorable moment at Colo-NESCO was calling the zoo during Nessas class to end an argument about whether a horse head or a giraffe’s head is bigger. Also Mr. Nessa is Connor’s favorite teacher because he let him call the zoo during his class to end an argument about whether a horse head or giraffe head is bigger.

After graduating from Colo-NESCO High School, he would like to attend college to follow his dreams and make money. Last but not least, a word of advice from Connor Clark to underclassmen is to never procrastinate always get things done.

-If you’re not first you’re last. -Ricky Bobby

Jacob Clatt is leaving his mark at Colo-NESCO.

Jacob Clatt has been a very active kid in the Colo-NESCO sports field. During high school, Jacob has been involved with football, basketball, golf, and also baseball. Of these sports, basketball has been Jacob’s favorite because of the success he has had in it. Jacob also had lots of success in football, including making it to the quarterfinals his Sophomore year. Jacob has two goal in mind finishing his high school career: to stay a savage.

Jacob really enjoy’s spending his day at school in the Ag. room. He likes this because he can work with his hands on different projects, and he can also create his own projects in the shop. Another reason Jacob likes Ag. class is because of Ms. Kelber, Jacob’s ag teacher. Ms. Kelber is a fun teacher that Jacob enjoys to have.

Jacob has had a fun four years at Colo-NESCO and has made lots of various memories with his friends. These memories have happened both inside and outside of school. Although he has lots of memories, Jacob’s favorite memory is hanging out with his friends before football games. With lots of experiences in high school, Jacob wants younger kids to know that the choices you make can end up biting you in the butt.

After graduation, Jacob plans on attending MCC. He plans on studying the two-year Utility Technician field that they have to offer. Jacob has some great opportunities in the future and he is excited about them.

Spotlight prepared by Bryce Niemeyer

The Colo-NESCO Drama Department will definitely miss Mckayla Cox after she graduates this spring.

During high school, Mckayla loved being around all her friends during the school plays. Performing on stage and being a crew member was her favorite activity that she was a part of. Mckayla always loved the thought of performing on stage with her friends. That is why she enjoyed the school plays so much. Even when she wasn’t on stage, she would be backstage with the crew with her friends making the play great.

Mckayla’s favorite class was always PE throughout the years. She loved playing all the games that Mr. Stalzer or Mr. Cafferty would make over the years. Getting to take time out of her day to play games in PE was always very fun for her. However, she did not enjoy the lifting part of PE though. On the lifting days for PE she was not very excited about having to go to PE.

While Mckayla was in high school, her favorite memory was going to Disney World last spring for the band and choir trip. Going to Disney World with all of her friends was something that she had always dreamed of, and when she could finally do it, it was a great moment in her life. Throughout her four years of high school she has thought of some advice for younger kids coming into high school. Her advice would be that you should follow your dreams because you don’t always get a second chance at some things.

After Mckayla graduates high school she plans on going to college at DMACC. Once she finishes school at DMACC she wants to transfer to another school to learn after that. For her quote Mckayla has chosen one from Walt Disney that says, “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.”

Spotlight by Garrett Packer