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Hall of Pride

Mission Statement: The Colo-NESCO Hall of Pride is established to honor and recognize Colo-NESCO High School athletes, students, teams, and teachers for their achievements and/or contributions to the Colo-NESCO Community School District

Hall of Fame Committee Responsibilities:

  • Committee members will send out nomination forms to the public.
  • Committee members will decide on the number of nominees for that year.
  • Committee members will be responsible for choosing from those individuals and teams who have been nominated through the application process. 
  • Committee members will set up induction dates and times, as well as awards to be given.

Nomination Criteria:

  • Athlete– An athlete may be eligible for nomination after five years of graduating from Colo-NESCO. 
  • Team- A team may be eligible for nomination after five years of the season. 
  • Coach/Teacher- A coach and/or teacher may be eligible for nomination during or after their tenure.
  • Student- Individual has made an exceptional goal that warrants acknowledgement, significant contribution to his/her field, exceptional academic performance or significant contribution to the school and/or community. 
  • All individuals or teams must be from Colo-NESCO Community School District.

Special Nominees:

  • Under unique circumstances the Hall of Pride committee has the ability to waive the number of years requirement and/or graduation requirement with ⅔ majority vote of the committee.

Nomination Process:

  • Nominations for consideration into the CN Hall of Pride may be by committee members or by public nominations. Applications will be available at Colo-NESCO High School or at this link. Deadline to submit applications will be December 7th of each year.

Colo-NESCO Hall of Pride Inductees

  • Class A State Champions Boys Basketball- 1989-1990
  • Myndie Berka- Class of 1989
  • Melissa Miller- Class of 1992
  • Luke Nessa- Class of 1999
  • Doug Riese- Class of 1990
  • Dave Ellingson- Class of 1988
  • Jason Erickson- Class of 1996
  • Dave Robinson- 1979-2010 (Coach)
  • Andrew Gogerty- Class of 1993
  • Mindi (Harrison) Heitland- Class of 1994
  • Joe Brannen- Class of 2001
  • Brian Wildeboer- Class of 1990
  • Brad Miller- Class of 1990
  • Matt Vaske- Class of 1989
  • Kim (Steed) Riley- Class of 1992
  • Wendy (Buffington) Stensland- Class of 1992
  • Doyle Miller- 1977-2005 (coach)
  • Cory Spencer- Class of 1995
  • Jeffry Clausen- Class of 1996
  • Michael Peakin- Class of 1996
  • Eric Williams- Class of 1996
  • David Conrad- Class of 1997
  • Keith Bowers- Class of 2004
  • Kevin Jamison – Class of 1998
  • Lisa “Rasmussen”Domino – Class of 2000
  • Morgan “Nelson” DeVries – Class of 2002
  • Elizabeth Robinson – Teacher