Veit Construction will be onsite on Tuesday, July 28th to begin preparations for taking down the 3-Story Zearing Elementary Building. The first step in the demolition process will be securing the area with fencing. They will then proceed with securing the areas around the Cafeteria/Gym and the Elementary Classroom wing.

In the meantime, they will be doing salvage work in the three-story building and removing the following items to be preserved for the District: Abraham Lincoln, Date of the Building, Consolidated School.

The next step in the demolition will be to gut the 3-story building in preparation for bringing down the outer shell. Veit Construction was not able to give the District a definite date on the demolition of the outer shell but will let us know in the near future on when that would occur. The District will let the community know when this will happen via social media and email.

The company will be putting a pile of bricks in the northeast parking lot for community members to pick up a souvenir brick from the building.